He could no longer move on--or back--or anywhere else in time except for here. Here. Now. With yesterday past and tomorrow yet to come and all of it proceeding in the dreadful, ordinary, dull, way that the people around him found comfortable and acceptable and… normal. On the Slow Path, hours dragged like a rake in the sands of time and where once he had made grand patterns, spiralling and tilting to the music of the spheres, the lines in the sand were now arrow straight, preserved until the inevitable tide washed them away forever...

Released on Sat 24 Mar 2012. Available by clicking here!



“You were dangerous,” the Doctor told him, jumping down from the tree. “At that moment maybe the most dangerous man in the galaxy. Maybe you still are. God knows I’m dangerous all by myself but you--you committed genocide ten minutes after you were born.”
“... I burst into existence in a burning Tardis sinking in the belly of the Dalek Crucible, Davros is about to explode the Reality Bomb and cancel out all of creation, and I‘d just realized I was part human. I was having a really bad day!”

Released on Mon 26 Mar 2012. Available by clicking here!

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A dog that isn’t a dog, a ship with a mind of its own, and a Time Lord out of Time…

Released on Wed 28 Mar 2012. Available by clicking here!

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a novella

by the Bunny in the Tardis

based on the BBCtv series Doctor Who

Now available: Part 3
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On Wed 11 Apr 2012 at 12.46am, Nic said:
Love this story!

On Tue 1 May 2012 at 7.00am, Mike White said:
You've made me late for work! Only part one read so far but this amazing stuff, and MUST be published!

On Tue 8 Jan 2013 at 12.47am, The Author said:
Thanks for the comment, Mike. I'm sorry I made you late for work... but I hope you enjoyed the rest of the story just as much as you enjoyed the first part.

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